Moving forward

BAM Marketing Congress 2020

2020 changed the game, so did BAM Marketing Congress! Indeed, overcoming the pandemic challenges, we transformed the annual 2-day physical Congress into its first online edition in the Congress’ history. The online event offered a live Congress with +80 inspirational speakers over 6 days of release. Overall, the virtual event fostered +800 virtual connections & +200 online meetings.

Want to have a peak at last year’s Marketing village 3D experience ?!

Marketing village 3D






6 days of release

Explore a wide variety of topics covered by our inspiring speakers.


Bam 2020 Topics

Bam Mashup

Bam 2020 Topics

Do we as marketers have a role in the digital world and on our planet? How to act in times of crisis?

These questions, together with various other subjects, will be addressed during the congress.

Bam Mashup

Rachel Botsman, Albert Derasse, Leen Segers, Ségolène Martin,... Our list of guest speakers goes on. Each speaker, with their own specialisations, will discuss these fascinating subjects.

Are you ready for BAM 2020?


Practically, OFCORES helped BAM conceptualise an impactful and engaging virtual event with the following special features:

  • A whole week of marketing content, which participants could not only follow live, but also access on-demand for 3 months following the Congress.
  • Meaningful networking opportunities through an innovative 3D Marketing Village, as well as the event platform’s virtual 1:1 meeting scheduling tool.
  • An agenda tailored to each participant. Attendees could access the event platform ahead of and during the event to create their own programmes comprised of the specific sessions and 1:1 meetings of greatest interest to them.