5 thematic sessions during 2 days at topic Stage B

Ready for a full immersion in the BAM key aspects of marketing?

Learn more about our 5 thematic sessions and the 5 moderators who will guide you through.

  • # Embrace Insights
  • # Embrace Inclusive Diversity
  • # Embrace Sustainability
  • # Embrace Web3 & Metaverses
  • # Embrace Leadership


> 08/12/2022 - 11:45 >12:50- Stage B

Customer expectations & needs change with every crisis. One thing is crucial in setting out the right strategy: Listening to your customers. 3 top speakers will go deeper into lessons learned, setting the right priorities for investment and making the right decisions for your brand.

Tom De Ruyck will introduce and moderate the speaking sessions of:

Tom De Ruyck is Head of Insight Activation at InSites Consulting. He is a global expert in consumer & employee collaboration. He makes companies more consumer connected & let them innovate and gives training/coaching sessions. He is also a consultant, keynote speaker, author, blogger, and university lecturer.



> 08/12/2022 - 14:00 > 15:05 - Stage B

Connecting inclusion and marketing is a key challenge for the brands of the future. Even in uncertain times (and especially then), it is interesting to bet on a new or diverse target group. How do companies tackle different target groups? Using "Inclusive Reminders for Marketeers", a new tool from Inclusified. Three companies explain how they approach this.

Hanan Challouki will introduce and moderate the speaking sessions of

Inclusive communication is the main expertise from Hanan Challouki. She is the founder of Inclusified and strategic partner for organizations and brands that want to inclusify their initiatives. She’s also a keynote speaker, author, and a podcasts creator.



> 08/12/2022 - 15:40 > 16:40 - Stage B

How to further develop sustainability in times of reduced purchasing power? In this speaking slot 2 top keynotes and a panel discussion will highlight this question from 3 angles. Moderated and introduced by Nicolas Lambert:

  • a market research angle by Jonathan Hall of Kantar,
  • a case study by retailer Decathlon. Joeri Moons and Thomas Lejeune Debarre will come to explain their reverse shopping concept and other sustainable initiatives
  • an interactive anthology by several BAM Think Tank members who will launch their Green Paper during the congress.

Nicolas Lambert defines himself as a marketing and sustainability hired gun. He is the CEO of Fairtrade Belgium. He is also a board member of Corporate ReGeneration, captain of the Sustainability Think Tank in BAM and Lecturer at the Haute école Louvain en Hainaut.



> 09/12/2022 - 11:15 > 12:45 - Stage B

Web3, blockchain, NFTs, metaverse, we’ve all heard these terms come up a lot recently, but what are they really about, are they relevant in marketing and what can we expect?

Maarten Leyts of Trendwolves takes the first speaking session and he will introduce:

Maarten Leyts is the founder and CEO of the trend watching and marketing agency Trendwolves. He is also the Founder of Urban _ Young Makers and advisory board member at Sparks & Honey. His specialty? Connecting brands and organizations with young people and helping them to develop future-proof concepts. With his experience and interest in young culture, he became the inspirer of the post-universal course 'Trendwatching' at Hogeschool Gent.



> 09/12/2022 - 14:00 – 15:15 - Stage B

The ultimate purpose of the Belgian Marketing Awards is to bring Marketing back in the board room of companies and organizations. This is grounded in the strong believe that Marketing can make a difference and can play a key role in the sustainable transition our world needs.

Dominique Vercraye gives his introduction and moderates the speaking sessions of 3 strong finalists of the Belgian Marketing Awards 2022, i.e.

Dominique is a major expert in the management consulting industry. He can boast a long and strong experience in the field of digital transformation and marketing management. He is a current board member of BAM (Belgian Association of Marketing) and President of the steering committee of the Belgian Marketing Awards; he is also Co-Founder of Chosen Group, Managing Director of Insight for Action and ex-CEO of Kantar.


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