After Work Drink with DJ Mademoiselle Luna

Get Ready to dance!


The countdown to the BAM Marketing Congress is on, and we're already gearing up for an unforgettable grand finale that you won't want to miss! As the excitement builds for this marketing event, we're thrilled to announce an exclusive after work drink soirée featuring none other than the sensational DJ Mademoiselle Luna!

Imagine a day filled with cutting-edge insights, game-changing strategies, and networking galore, all leading up to one phenomenal party. Our after work drinks are designed to be the ultimate finale of teh day, providing you with a chance to relax, connect, and dance with fellow marketing enthousiasts and industry leaders.

DJ Mademoiselle Luna is going to take the stage by storm. Her electrifying beats and infectious energy will infuse the evening with an atmosphere of pure excitement. Get ready to let loose, groove to the music, and make memories that will last long after the Congress is over.


Mademoiselle Luna 1
Mademoisell Luna 2

Who is Mademoiselle Luna?

Hailing from Carolorégia, Mademoiselle Luna has emerged as a music pioneer, defying conventional perceptions of her background. She may not have expected her journey to become Belgium's first female DJ, but her impact on the music scene has been revolutionary.

Her story begins in Brussels a few years ago, where her destiny took an unexpected turn. Luna was initially drawn to photography, but her true calling was discovered in the city's vibrant nightlife. A dedicated student by day, she was a bartender and photographer by night in establishments like the Fuse, the Palladium and even in her own successful bar, which she later founded. This dynamic nightlife experience paved the way for Luna's deep connection with the industry.

"As a dancer for almost a decade, nightlife became my domain," says Luna, "but it was music that finally captured my heart." She embarked on a journey of musical discovery, learning the intricacies of DJing from friends and immersing herself in the art of curating exciting playlists.

Luna's passion lay in putting together the perfect track to ignite the energy of the crowd, whether it was for her friends or for a larger audience. This newfound passion began to blossom, exceeding expectations and establishing her as a remarkable DJ.

Luna was one of the few female DJs in Belgium during her early days. Her uniqueness may have played a role in her rapid rise, as she began to make her mark not only within the country's borders but far beyond. Her unwavering dedication to her craft led her to the forefront of the DJ scene and earned her the distinction of being one of the industry's most recognisable DJs. Her resilience is showcased through her regular radio appearances on Contact and her electrifying performances on Friday and Saturday nights for the past seven years.

Luna's artistic journey extends beyond the DJ booth, with notable collaborations and releases that have left an indelible mark. Her musical ventures include collaborative efforts such as "Summer Legend" in 2015 alongside Kid Noize, "Honey" in May 2019, "Cruel Love" in 2020, and the 2021 hit "Your Smile" with Ron Carroll, the singer of Superfunk's iconic "Lucky Star." Notably, she joined forces with Regi to create the official anthem, "Now's The Time," for Team Belgium in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.