Avoid classical commercial messages: tell your story in a video!

"The best marketers are storytellers with stories that consumers choose to believe...because a successful story creates true consumer satisfaction and generates growth and profit." According to a 2022 survey, 93% of marketers believe videos help them increase their brand awareness. And 86% of consumers expect more video from brands they support. Bet on this trend, by offering a storytelling experience to your audience!


Storytelling = Clever marketing technique

The more commercial content prospects are bombarded with, the less they pay attention.

Videotelling is about telling a story to your audience, inviting them into your world, to make them want to know more. You guide your prospects through narrative content that touches them and creates engagement.

Our tips for impactful videotelling

  • Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Don't just talk about what has been achieved. Videotelling is also about looking ahead to your future projects. (Having a vision)

  • Use content that has already been used. If you are about to make a new video, draw on previous content to help you build your story (quotes from founders, key figures, film footage, photos, customer testimonials, etc.).

  • Give a human dimension to your speakers. Nobody believes in perfect people. If you present your founders, emphasize the difficulties they have encountered. Because your founders are human beings, not superheroes. The feeling of identification will be more efficient.

  • Go for short formats. You are probably addressing a target audience that will be scrolling through its newsfeed on social networks and that has very little time to devote to you. Start your video with a strong message, a question, or graphic codes that will allow them to identify you quickly.

  • Encourage interaction with your audience: for example, by asking one or more questions at the end of the video or providing a call to action: "Would you like to meet us to talk about it?", "Would you like to meet us at our stand? The objective of a video is to make people want to know more, and to push them towards taking actions, thanks to the CTA in your outro.

Why use video to tell your corporate story?

  • Because it is better remembered,

  • It puts people first,

  • You can tell your story better via film form,

  • Video generates more engagement (likes, shares),

  • And that it now represents more than 80% of traffic on social networks.

Videotelling: take control of a video creation solution?

Telling the story of your company: this includes the personality of your founders. Why did they create your company? What problem did they want to solve? How did they meet?This type of video will set you apart from your competitors, and will attract prospects who will recognize themselves in your founders. You can also make this type of corporate video to present your employees and their jobs.

Highlight your values, through your CSR projects. Customers don't just want to use a product or a service, but to consume brands whose commitments correspond to theirs. Do you plant trees because you care about the environment? Excellent! Make a video to announce it.

A video retrospective after an event. Insist on the attendance at your stand, on listening to your teams. And make a date with your audience for the next edition. This will arouse the curiosity of prospects who are hearing about you for the first time. After-movie

For New Year's greetings. Are you prospecting by email to offer your potential clients complementary products or services? Why not include this offer in a video greeting? You will strengthen the relationship and build a visionary bond with your leads. New Year's greetings

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Marc Burger, Content Manager

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