Bob Hermans about NESPRESSO's new sustainable campaign

In the new campaign The Empty Cup (McCann Wordgroup, Paris), starring George Clooney, Nespresso puts the spotlight on the threat of climate change to coffee farmers and the brand's long-term commitment to protect the best coffee in the world.

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PUB spoke with Bob Hermans, marketing director Nespresso Belux.

Nespresso itself should no longer be introduced here: the brand was active in our country very soon after its launch and it is still an important reference in the Belgian coffee market. "The awaraness scores are still very high in Belgium," Bob Hermans notes with satisfaction. However, the reason for the new campaign differs from Nespresso's 'normal' campaigns, especially in contrast with the limited editions at the end of the year.

In today's campaign, George Clooney displays an empty cup, representing the challenges facing the entire coffee chain. Climate change threatens up to 60% of existing coffees, and with it the survival of the 140,000 coffee farmers Nespresso works with. Bob Hermans: "This campaign is temporary, but the fight is permanent."

George Cloony Empty Cup Nespresso


The empty cup campaign is already the 16th Nespresso campaign featuring George Clooney, but the movie star is doing more than posing in exchange for a nice coffee supply. "George Clooney is a true ambassador and he is a member of Nespresso's Sustainability Board," says Bob Hermans. George Clooney closely follows concrete sustainability measures: for future generations and for farmers.

Where can you see the campaign? "We deliberately chose digital and social media for this campaign," says Bob Hermans. "There is the picture with George Clooney and also a video, in which the cup gets refilled. We also use PR and influencers. For instance, we have worked together with Radio Contact, where the presenters of the morning show - notorious coffee drinkers - don't drink coffee for a while and interact with listeners about it. A campaign like this does mean something: for many people, a morning coffee is a daily ritual.

"This is a temporary campaign, but that does not mean it is non-committal for Nespresso. "This kind of campaign is also post-tested for its impact," says Bob Hermans. "Did the message come across? Did we trigger people? How many people clicked through to the website with more information about this campaign and about the issue we are raising?"

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