Exclusive book deal for congress attendees

Book your ticket for the next BAM Marketing Congress and get Lannoo's Business Boox for €105 instead of €120. Discover three top books with the sharpest insights into management, leadership and entrepreneurship.


De zachte weg, 50 lessen voor ondernemers and On ItThree entrepreneurs. Three authors. Three books. Infinite insights.

Business Boox combines three top books with the sharpest insights into management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Discover the success formulas of start-up wizard Jürgen Ingels, Olympic entrepreneur Ann Simons, and young wolf Eline Goethals in this exclusive box.

  • In “50 lessen voor ondernemers”, Jürgen Ingels reveals his lessons learned as a top entrepreneur. He provides concrete and practical tips on how to take your company to the next level. From operations to business models, marketing and sales, team composition, to the financial structure of your business.
  • “De zachte weg” won’t change your life, you have to do that yourself. Just like Ann Simons did after her Olympic medal in 2000. She fought to become someone again in a business world that wasn’t waiting for her. Who are you? Why do you do what you do? How do you fulfil your dreams? How do you help others achieve theirs? Let this book be a guide.
  • Eline Goethals guides you through the entire journey in “On It”: from ‘no idea’ to successful entrepreneur. This is a workbook. You write, conceive, and delete. You work on your business, but also on yourself as an entrepreneur. You will be inspired by the stories of more than 20 top entrepreneurs. It doesn’t matter what you can do or what you have studied; you don’t even need a clear business idea yet. Because anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur can be one.

Get this Business Boox for €105 instead of €120 (VAT incl.)*

*This is an exclusive deal for BAM Marketing Congress Participants only. Books are only available in Dutch. The books can be picked up at the LannooCampus Bookshop in the Marketing Village of the BAM Marketing Congress on 7 or 8 December 2023.

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