Marketing Video: Just Do-It-Yourself!

This will enable you to better manage your deadlines, and above all, give your teams the possibility of producing different marketing video formats, thanks to an online editing software.

Video Marketing

Why take control of your marketing video creation?

You can manage your deadlines more effectively: if you call an agency to produce a marketing video, you take the risk of misunderstandings between briefs, and therefore of time-wasting back-and-forth. Internalizing the creation of your marketing videos allows you to better meet your deadlines (for example, to release the teaser video for your next event at the right time).

Your teams gain in skills: you no longer need to be a professional videographer to make videos. By using editing software, your teams can quickly create content, and gain new skills.

You reduce your costs in the long term: if you regularly create in-house videos, your costs will be reduced (instead of making a video with an agency, at a high price).

Marketing videos to animate your social networks


These videos are designed to be short and attractive: people are more inclined to watch a story lasting a few seconds than a long video.
And these videos are only available for 24 hours: they create a sense of urgency and volatility.

The recipe for a good story/reel:

  • Attractive content,

  • A hook that grabs attention quickly,

  • Interactive elements: stickers, polls, yes/no questions, dialog boxes to increase


  • And a CTA.

    More inspiring formats for Instagram in this article.

Marketing videos to present your new products or services

Product or service presentation

You can clearly and concisely present the key arguments in favor of what you're selling. A persuasive narrative will convince viewers of your product's effectiveness.
According to marketers, product videos achieve the highest ROI1.


Product demo shows in concrete terms how the product works: viewers can project themselves into the future and see how they will use it on a daily basis. They get a clear idea of the product and what it will do for them. This means a better conversion.

Marketing videos for promotion

Customers’ achievements

With this type of video, you show in concrete terms, with quantified results (ROIs), what your product or service has achieved for the customer (new customers, followers on social networks, requests for demos, etc.). You also show the number of implementations, the different use cases you offer, etc.


In just a few seconds, a video ad can convey essential information about your product, service or marketing message. This is particularly well suited to social media users who scroll through their feeds quickly. And if your video is engaging or entertaining, it's likely to be shared by users, increasing the reach of your ad.

Client Success Story

A customer success story is the social proof that customers who benefited from your services have succeeded in achieving their goals or solving a problem. When a satisfied customer shares their positive experience, it reinforces potential prospects' confidence in your company and your products.

Product launch

For example, it could be a product you're exhibiting for the first time at an event. A video of this kind creates suspense, a kind of exclusivity (only those attending the event will be able to discover this new product), something imminent with your target audience.


This type of video can be sent in a newsletter aimed at prospects, people who have agreed to subscribe or receive promotional information, to highlight testimonials from your satisfied customers, for example.

You can also send this type of video in personalized, mass-generation e-mails, by adapting the e-mail with the recipient's first name.

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