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Customer centricity, Marketing One to One are two outdated notions that have annoyed the Marketing Community for ten years since it has confronted it with its inability to build its Marketing by really taking into account the uniqueness of each customer ...

Today, AI allows the marketer to approach the consumer in his uniqueness and also frees teams from heavy and repetitive tasks to allow them to focus on activities that highlight very human qualities. Let's see how


After studying at UCL and a first experience as Marketeer in the pharmaceutical industry and in the services sector, he worked for two software editors for marketers: CITOBI / ACTITO and the American company SAS Institute.

In this position which brought him all around Europe, he was able to closely measure the added value of AI in the practice of modern Marketing which tries to be as close as possible to the desires of consumers by anticipating their behavior.

Albert Derasse has been managing the Belgian subsidiary of the French group D-AIM (formely Inbox)  since 2018. The mission of D-AIM is to simplify and democratize access to AI by putting powerful and easy-to-use software in the hands of marketers to reach the consumer in his uniqueness.

Albert is author of the Book “Algorithme and Blues du Directeur Marketing. L’IA au service d’un Marketing Moderne” published in September 2020


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