Andy Serdons

The Great Ads Shift

Increase your profitability with Google AI.

Google Belgium & Luxemburg
Country Marketing Manager
7 December
Stage "A"


Today marks a pivotal moment for advertising as incredible new AI-powered technologies are arriving and old technologies, like third-party cookies, are going away. While the fundamentals of marketing aren’t changing — the way we apply them to our ideas and our work is. Join Andy Serdons, leading Search marketing in Benelux and Nordics, as he shares a fast-paced look at how advertising is evolving, and how Google can help you make the most of this shift so you can increase your competitive advantage and profitability. 


Andy Serdons is Country Marketing Manager for Google Belgium. He also leads Google’s Search marketing team for the Nordics and Benelux and heads Google’s digital marketing transformation program, where B- and C-levels from the most digitally advanced companies in Northern Europe are helped to transform their way of thinking and operating. Before Google, Andy has gained an extensive experience in advertising, ecommerce and owned his own digital marketing agency. He recently achieved an advanced Master in Artificial Intelligence.