Well-being consultant, author and Keynote Speaker

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Ann De Bisschop



Employee happiness + customer care = healthy profit

About Ann

Well-being consultant, author and Keynote Speaker

Ann De Bisschop worked in media companies for more than 25 years and held various management positions. She successfully launched the Belgian radio stations Qmusic and JOE. She was a member of the executive committee of DPG media for more than 15 years. After being sales director at first, she later became radio director, to finally become wellbeing director for the entire media group. With tangible tips and strong eye-openers, Ann shows both employees as well as managers how to do better.

She is convinced that employees are the most important capital within a company. That’s why investing in the wellbeing of employees is not as superfluous luxury but as a crucial asset. So she’s very happy that we are entering a new HR-era. Human Capital & Wellbeing have never been higher on the agenda. 

Ann wrote 2 books “ Aftellen naar maandag” ( Thank God it’s Monday ) & “Wellbeing=Winst”(Wellbeing=Profit )  and her keynotes are just like her: authentic and sympathetic in approach. They are full of practical knowhow, expert knowledge she gathered over the years, and tricks to create healthy, happy and motivated employees