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Army of friends

“People don’t trust brands - they believe what people they trust say about them.” Even if this statement makes you cringe, there’s some serious truth to it. How to get on the radar of ‘people our clients trust’? An army of friends helps you to crack that nut. It is not ‘another influencer’ program. It is not a client activation program either. An army of friends activates all those that share your purpose – and help you to flourish.

There’s something outperformers share: they have friends. Vocal friends. Friends that give them roots and wings. Companies that build and operate an ‘army of friends’ attract more talent, attention and means. In order to get the army going, you have to know ‘what you stand for’ and ‘what you go for’.

With that precious currency in hand, you can and will attract love and attention. Who does it? How does an army if friends make them win on all fronts? Why does you brand need it? Where do you find your friends? What is the anatomy of a successful army of friends? Ann Maes, strategist and international reputation builder is excited to give you a peek into this exciting ecosystem-model.

An ‘army of friends’ makes brands and companies flourish. It makes them attract and hold on to talent, means and attention. It is about time for Belgium to discover and fall in love with this impactful ecosystem-model.


Making organizations and people flourish – that ambition drives Ann every day. Over the last 20 years, she has specialized in defining and implementing (inter)national reputation campaigns. Giving roots and wings to people and organisations through purposeful communication makes her tick. Ann is privileged to have worked for a wide array of companies, governments and organisations amongst which: AG Insurance, Albert Heijn, Unicef, Danone, Novo Nordisk, Unilever, Heineken, the European Commission and IMACE. Ann started her career as journalist and ghostwriter. Today, Ann is the co-founder of FLRISH.today. She is married to Herman Toch and is proud to mother 5 amazing kids. She works and lives in Antwerp and Amsterdam – and anywhere in between.  


BAM had an interview with Ann Maes and Herman Toch about their new book "The positive sum game".

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