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Celebrating local flavors, even during tough times

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At GB Foods Belgium our purpose is to celebrate local flavors. We have different, typical Belgian trusted brands in our portfolio, such as Devos & Lemmens, Imperial, Royco, Liebig, Aïki; all customized to the needs of the Belgian consumers.  We link the company purpose in everything we do, and therefore put the Belgian consumer at the center. By performing extensive local market research, we are able to determine the true needs of the Belgian consumer.  By focusing on innovation, naturalizing our portfolio and ensuring our communication campaigns speak both to the heart and minds of our consumer, we believe we can bring added value to all stakeholders. We invest substantially in more natural recipes, better taste profiles and meaningful innovation, rather than in promotion wars. During the Covid crisis, we launched several new communication campaigns that could add real value for the consumer and the society. For example On D&L, we have a platform to speak directly to the consumer in an positive / non-patronizing way. By starting from our brand essence “tasteful togetherness”; we developed a 4 phases campaign with key objective: support the Belgians in this massive crisis and ensure the rules of the government are reinforced in a positive way.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive. As a results, our brands continue to gain household penetration, obtaining a record high level of 85.5% corporately in MAT Q2 2020.


Anneleen Kempeneer is Marketing Director at GB Foods Belgium. Anneleen obtained her Master degree in Applied Economic Sciences at the University of Antwerp. She started her career at Procter & Gamble in finance, yet after 1,5 years changed to marketing where she found her true passion. She worked on several brands, in the Benelux and also at head quarter level in Switzerland. Furthermore she gained experience in digital and direct to consumer marketing in a corporate role. After 9 years, Anneleen left P&G for the former Continental Foods, now GB Foods. She is working as Marketing Director, covering both brand and trade marketing, in an environment where all brands are fully locally managed and created, from R&D to communication and beyond. She manages a team of 13 marketers and is part of the Belgian multi-functional lead team. Anneleen lives in Schoten together with her husband and son of 3 years old.

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