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Sector Track Retail/FMCG

About this Sector track

Aude Mayence is the Sector Host for the Retail/FMCG thematic stage 

In the context where the retail / FMCG are, more and more disrupted, knowing what you want to stand for and which role you want to play in consumer’s life is at the heart of your survival. But defining what you stand for isn’t enough, it’is just the starting point. Translating it in the best customer experience remains the biggest challenge.and there for, reconnect with your consumer is a mandatory.

Aude Mayence will illustrate this challenge with 3 inspirational cases:

Olivier Van Cauwelaert

Olivier Van Cauwelaert -Shared values

Radically engaged, how to meet the expectations of the new climate activist generation

Aude Mayence

Aude Mayence - Delhaize

How to transform a crisis in a meaningful  internal movement that benefits to consumers

Sacha Buyck

Sacha Buyck

The power of a platform with local partnership combined with marketing adjusted to local customers


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