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How a speech of 1972 (before I was born…) should influence our view on creating value

About the presentation

After several  experiences in retail and CPG’, Aude is now responsible for Marketing, Digital and E-commerce at Delhaize.

She is a  strong believer in brands with clear and meaningful purpose. She puts focus in creating value for the consumers, their communities and the society,  in a relevant way.

Aude will be delighted to share how she puts this into action at Delhaize. She will bring forward why she is convinced that shared value is a virtuous circle.


Shared value is not about bullshit slides saying you want to save the world without any acts behind

It’s about creating a real ecosystem with your employees, your customers, your suppliers , other companies (and sometimes even with your competitors…) in order to reconciliate short term and long term business.

It’s about delivering your purpose with a clear impact on the society. And it’s a virtuous circle.


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