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Delhaize case : Helping a generation live healthier and happier

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In 2017 Delhaize realized that they were doomed to lose if they continued to join the race to the bottom.

Instead of focusing on short-term victories, the whole company dared to shift the strategy based on a long-term vision.

Putting back the consumer at the center, Delhaize defined again what the brand stands for  ‘we believe better eating is at the heart of better living’.

That’s why all the departments  focused on creating high value for the consumer by putting this purpose into action.

A lot of initiatives were taken : from small ones internally to more fundamental ones like the review of the loyalty program incorporating the ‘health positioning’.

All this resulted in strong evolution of brand differentiation and strong business results since 3 years.


Aude Mayence has studied French and Spanish literature at Brussels University (ULB). She has got a Business Master with Finances specialization  (Solvay Business School) as well as a Master in Marketing and Advertising (Solvay business School).

She has started her career in the retail sector at Carrefour before taking marketing responsibilities within different CPG’s such as Mondelez and Danone where she has strengthened her marketing skills.

Aude has began her journey at Delhaize in 2014 as Brand director. She was in charge of developing the brand strategy and the communication.

She is passionate about meaningful marketing and creating value for consumers through innovating products, concepts and services; all this by embarking the whole organization.

Since 1 year and half , she has been appointed VP Marketing, Digital and E-commerce at Delhaize.

These last years have sharpened her skills in accelerating story doing, digital and agility within the organization.

The very good Delhaize results since 3 years as well as the the last track records are a real source of energy for her , her team and the whole company :

  • In 2018, she was nominated Marketeer of the year for the whole exercise on the brand repositioning
  • In 2019, the Delhaize Magic Vegs campaign received a Silver Belgian Effie. Delhaize was also nominated Advertiser of The Year (Merit Awards)
  • In 2020, Delhaize is amongst the Effie finalist for Back to normal life campaign (results will be known by the End of the Year). Delhaize is also amongst the 3 finalists of Marketing Company of the year
  • In 2020, Delhaize has also strongly repositioned it’s loyalty program in order to make healthier eating accessible for all.

Her motto : Impose ta chance, serre ton bonheur et va vers ton risqeé. A te regarder, ils s’habitueront.  René Char

Her source of inspiration : her kids, her husband, her team, the consumers, the numerous readings, her secret place in the middle of nowhere, the walks and runnings in nature and her reflections under the shower.

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