Authors - "Dit is Content Marketing"

Bart Lombaerts, Koen Denolf
Wouter Temmerman, Michel Libens


About these speakers

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‘The end of storytelling?!'

About the presentation

Storytelling was for years one of the buzzwords marketing is famous for. Was! New marketing savviness and Covid-19 will put an end to the era of telling stories. You public nowadays expects a new way of communicating in which radical transparancy is key.


Bart Lombaerts

On a mission to reconnect brands and consumers trough meaningful initiatives. Head of Content at content agency SPYKE, author of ‘Meaningful Marketing’ and co-author of ‘Dit is content marketing’ , lecturer at Ihecs Communication School and co-maker of the documentary The Decade of Action.

Wouter Temmerman

WOUTER TEMMERMAN, together with Bart Lombaerts, leads content marketing agency SPYKE. He is also a freelance journalist for Trends and Media Marketing, among others.

Koen Denolf

KOEN DENOLF calls himself a "content prophet" because of his unwavering commitment as a writer, opinion maker, speaker, teacher and vlogger in the content marketing profession. Within his agency The Fat Lady he operates as a Content Strategist.

Michel Libens

MICHEL LIBENS has been active at the intersection of marketing and publishing throughout his professional life. He is managing partner and CEO of Propaganda, one of Belgium's leading content marketing agencies. Michel is a passionate "(content marketing) strategy first" believer.


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