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Bart Lombaerts
Wim Vermeulen


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The Decade of Action, a documentary about businesses and sustainability

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A preview of the documentary ’The Decade of Action' featuring leading thought leaders on corporate sustainability such as Frans Timmermans, Paul Polman (ex-CEO Unilever), Johan Rockström (Director Potsdam Institute), Ryan Getller (CEO Patagonia), Gillian Tett (editor-at-large Financial Times) and Prof. Ioannis Ionnaou (London Business School). The documentary highlights the need for the sustainable transition and the role of businesses in it. The documentary will be released on December 11th on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Paris Agreement.


Wim Vermeulen

Director of Strategy and Sustainability at Bubka, author of Marketing for the Mad (Wo)Men of Tomorrow and De Duurzame Belg and Lecturer at the Solvay Business School and co-maker of the documentary The Decade of Action. He is an expert in advertising effectiveness and how that applies to sustainability communication.

Bart Lombaerts

On a mission to reconnect brands and consumers trough meaningful initiatives. Head of Content at content agency SPYKE, author of ‘Meaningful Marketing’ and co-author of ‘Dit is content marketing’ , lecturer at Ihecs Communication School and co-maker of the documentary The Decade of Action.


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