Meaningful Masters - Collaboration

Bram Boels
Helena Gheeraert


About this meaningful track

Title of the presentation

How innovative startups and experienced industry players can make each other grow through collaboration

About the presentation

2 years after Helena founded Wonky, a startup on a mission to reduce foodwaste by turning wonky vegetables into delicious dips, the time was right to involve a bigger player in the food industry. Through its collaboration with Syros nv, Wonky was able to accelerate its growth and reach the bigger mass through the supermarkets in Europe. In the meantime Syros nv, mostly supplying private-label products, had the chance to build its own brand in the retail market and learned a lot about how to market a brand with a limited budget.


Helena Gheeraert

Helena Gheeraert founded Wonky in 2016 and is now responsible for the marketing strategy of the brand. She is on a mission to stop foodwaste. Apart from Wonky, Helena joined the strategy department at TBWA/Belgium at the end of 2018 as an integrated brand strategist. With her passion for storytelling and purpose-driven branding, she helps brands creating meaningful marketing experiences.

Bram Boels

Bram Boels is co-owner of Syros, a family company and leading player on the European guacamole market. He entered the company in 2003 together with his brother and turned it around from a merely avocado importing company to a producer of fresh salsa’s and dips for European retail. Next to general management Bram is responsible for sales and marketing at Syros. The cooperation with Wonky started in 2017.


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