Brice Le Blevennec

How you can save the World

Co-founder, author
9 December
Marketing innovation
Plenary stage


Brice Le Blevennec will introduce you to his book, “Visions of a Better World” (French version Racines, English version Lanoo, 2022). He believes it is possible to solve humanity's great challenges by using the scientific approach and the technological progress with the magic of human ingenuity. Each of the 30 chapters, sorted from Science to Fiction, starts with a short science-fiction novel happening in 2051. Then the vision and the possible solutions are developed concretely and rationalized. A QR code links to dozens of references to white papers, scientific publications, experiments, prototypes. The 30 great challenges covered in the book range from food production, clean energies, better transports to art, cloning and amortality. 


Brice Le Blevennec is the co-founder of Belgium largest digital marketing agency Emakina. He created his agency in 1991, listed it on the stock market in 2006, grew it to 1200 consultants in 20 countries, then sold it to EPAM in 2021. From 1996 to 2006 he was also the co-producer and host of weekly radio and TV show “Cybercafe” on RTBF. He also co-founded numerous tech startups. Brimming with ideas and energy, he is known as a serial entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and inspirational speaker. 

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