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Meaningful Marketing Miracle$ in the new Galactic Age

Marketing Miracle$, with a “$” sign at the end, only happen when the CEO, CFO, boards and investors start to understand why Marketing is so much more than pretty pictures and Silicon snake oil. Summarizing his recently launched book: ”MARKETING is FINANCE is BUSINESS” in 4 key stages, you will discover the rocket science behind the creation of meaningful marketing miracle$ in the galactic age upon us. First, Chris will inspire us to -literally- look up to the sky and challenge our current global/local mindsets. Second, he will urge us to better appreciate the last 50 years of marketing and finance insight. Third, he will share his proven “8 fundamentals” model to address the marketing challenges of the next 50 years. Last but not least, he will show you Alpha M, the world’s first marketing capability rating model. Like a Michelin or Moody’s for Marketers, come learn how to "speak better Wall Street”!

If they really want Miracle$, Marketers need to learn to speak better Wall Street


With 30+ years of experience, Chris is a world class marketer turned active advisor, investor, board member, academic and author. His corporate career spanned 23 years working for global FMCG blue chips like P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, and Anheuser-Busch InBev (CMO 07-12), as well as serving the marketing industry in other ways (eg board and president of WFA 08-13). End 2012 he created his own NYC based marketing capability and strategy consultancy (, and also joined NYU Stern as adjunct faculty. Chris is a multilingual Belgian American and holds a TRIUM Global EMBA from NYU Stern/LSE/HEC. Always pioneering, with skin in the game, Chris was among the first senior CPG leaders to play an active role in the fast growing global cannabis business, and will likely become the first CMO in space (via Virgin Galactic). 


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