Daniel Hulme

RETHINKING AI and its impact on Business and Society

Daniel Hulme is a globally recognised AI expert. His extensive experience and profound knowledge make him the perfect guide for our journey into the world of AI.

Satalia & WPP
CEO & Chief AI Officer
8 December
Stage "B"


Daniel provides a radical new framework for thinking about AI, and discusses how organisations can practically adopt these technologies and avoid being seduced by the hype. He argues that whilst these technologies are incredible at creating growth and streamlining operations, for companies to stay innovative they need to also use AI to unlock the creative capacity of their workforce. Daniel also covers the macro impact these technologies may have over the coming decades.


Daniel Hulme is a globally recognised expert in AI and investor in Emerging Technologies. He's the CEO of Satalia, which was acquired by the world's largest marketing services and media company in 2021, WPP, where Daniel is also the Chief AI Officer. He has Masters and Doctorate in AI from UCL, and now UCL's Computer Science Entrepreneur in Residence and faculty member of Singularity University. Daniel is a serial TEDx and Google speaker. He has advisory and executive positions across companies and governments, and actively promotes purposeful entrepreneurship and technology innovation across the globe.