Belgian Digital Champion | E-business Consulting Manager - Semetis & Digital Marketing Manager - Carglass

Dhan Claes
Valerie Vervueren


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The future is here: a MarTech Solution for data-driven video without transcoding

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Data-driven creatives are the future of video content. Yet, the Marketing Technology landscape does not offer the appropriate solution. AdSomeNoise and Semetis’ experiences with data-driven marketing as services companies identified a gap in the MarTech tool universe that they could uniquely fill. And because it plugs into major marketing platforms, it’s easy for advertisers to adopt. Carglass® Belgium is the very first advertiser in Belgium that made use of this tool. By leveraging data and infusing that with storytelling something pretty amazing was created: a video commercial that no one wants to skip


Dhan Claes

"I am an eBusiness Consulting Manager working for Semetis. Aside from that, I spend a lot of time completing my bucket list, for example finishing an Ironman. It has allowed me to discover new things, adding to my life experiences, and with exploring comes learning which is always a good thing"

Valerie Vervueren

I’m the Digital Marketing Manager for Carglass® BE and LU, responsible for all websites, conversion optimizations, web projects, digital ads and email communication. Apart from work, I’m a mother of 2, into traveling, water sports, all things Italian, veggie food & Leuven-ambassador.


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