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A call to all marketers to be meaningful and the driving force in the transition.

About the presentation:

Tourism in in one hell of a force(d) transition. There is no way of returning to the old way of working until 2023, and by then everything will be different, but we don’t know yet what ‘different’ means. This is called ‘transition’.

The best placed persons to lead this transition are meaningful marketers. They think holistically and co-create a higher purpose that has meaning to everyone: customer, employees and to the society on the whole. A meaningful marketer thinks value-based, and once values in society change -like is the case in any transition- they are the first to change along ang guide the whole company towards this new values. Elke Dens, rewarded as marketer of the year by BAM, is one of the meaningful marketers.


Elke graduated in 2001 as a Communication Scientist at the Catholic University of Leuven. After her studies, she started working there, first as an assistant in mass communication and marketing, and later as a PhD student studying the impact of word of mouth and influentials on travel behavior. It was the beginning of her passion for the tourism industry and it has not disappeared ever since. In 2004, Elke started out in the national tourism agency VISITFLANDERS, working on marketing activities to stimulate the domestic market. In 2008, she internally switched position towards online marketing. In 2012, she became the marketing director, responsible for all marketing activities of the VISITFLANDERS office in Brussels and the network abroad. Since 2016, she combines this current position with the chairmanship of the European Travel Commission marketing group. Together with 32 European countries, the European Travel Commission strives to build the brand ‘Europe’, and develop and promote it as a long-haul destination.  


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