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About Frans


As #10 Martech influencer in Europe and #1 in the Netherlands Frans has Marketing Technology as his playground. For over decade he has been designing Marketing Technology stacks for companies like HP, Adidas, Audi, Basf, Unilever, Philips, AbnAmro, IKEA, Standard Bank, Carlsberg, Volvo, HP.

He published the Martech Benchmark 2019 research in a blog post: ‘Unlocking the full potential of the Marketing Technology Supergraphic’. 

“My goal is to make our business lives better. With every business becoming increasingly digital, we need to humanize marketing technology for both end customer and software users. My changing roles over the last years as marketer, developer, project manager, consultant, Voce President R&D, researcher and author, support me to help corporate companies. Through marketing technology audits and software selections I help companies to get the most out of their software solutions.”