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Think Possible – The customer centric digital transformation at Proximus


Proximus wants to open up a world of digital opportunities for its customers. With that in mind, it can’t be no surprise that digital transformation is a key activity for Proximus. After all, transforming an 90 year old into a digital service provider that fits the needs of modern consumers, doesn’t happen overnight.
In this talk, Geert Kelchtermans will explain the ins and outs of his transformation journey.


After his master’s degrees in economics and International Politics, Geert started his career at Belgacom as Product Manager IPTV in 2004.

With a successful launch of Proximus TV in 2005, Geert quickly took a leading position in the IPTV and convergence domain as Lead Manager TV. With the development & launch of TV Everywhere in 2010, Proximus was one of the first companies to launch a full 3 screen experience for its digital TV solution (on TV, tablet and on the web).

In 2011, Geert joined the marketing team of the Proximus group and became Head Of Marketing Acquisition for all residential fix (phone, internet & TV) and mobile products, including for the subsidiary company Scarlet.

Facing the digital challenges, Proximus created mid 2014 a new department E-transformation. Geert was appointed as Director E-Transformation & Digital Proximus. Under his lead, Proximus has created a full new digital omnichannel eco-system for his residential and small enterprise customers. With the My Proximus application, Proximus has one of the best rated telco app’s and reaches impressive results in terms of digital adoption.

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