Belgian Digital Champion | Co-Founder & VP Product Development - Piximate



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How AI has really helped digital marketing for several customers.

About the presentation:

AI is like teenage sex. Everybody speaks about it but no one really knows about it.

What are the real applications that works for digital marketing ? Use case around the retail industry.


Georges is an acknowledged recognized entrepreneur with specialization in Telecom and Media. He is often being called for exhibitions and presenting new technologies towards large audiences.

From 2016, Georges has invested in several companies and has an active role in Piximate, an Artificial Intlligence and Deep Learning based technologies for image processing company.

“ Piximate is the result of year of experience in the Media sector. The retail industry has a lot of challenges into a better usage of Data insights and computer vision usage. We help those companies increasing their marketing ROI by at least 10% while gaining in operational efficiency”

From 2012 until 2015, Georges is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder for Keemotion, he is responsible for the strategic vision and direction of the organization.

“Keemotion technology brings sports coverage, immediately and easily. It is an automated production unit running without any human intervention.  Have access to the sports content you want to watch, analyze and share, 24/7, in the palm of your hand.

We know that Sports is more than just a past time, more than a hobby, even more than simply a sport. It's your passion and we give you all the tools you need to take your love of the game to the next level. Whether you want to produce more footage of games for an online audience, analyze game play to improve your team's competitiveness or make a highlight reel of your favorite player, Keemotion has the technology you need to make it happen.”

Prior to being appointed Chief Executive Officer, Georges held the position of General manager of Citendo, a telecom outsourcing company, and held several senior positions in corporate environments like Orange where he was responsible for MNC (Major National customers) customers.

Georges has successfully driven several start-ups in telecommunications and empowered successfully the sales of these start-ups. 

Major skills: Shrewd, self-driven and very entrepreneurial, able to work under pressure, great communicator at all level within an organization. Able to lead without imposing, finding the right balance between initiative, creativity and analytical mind.


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