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Van den Boer


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The Chemical Formula for Creating a Love Brand

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Love is not all you need ! Does launching a niche product that (almost) nobody knows, under a brand that doesn’t ring a bell with wallet that isn’t the one of Bill Gates, sounds like a walk in the park?

But hey, no guts, no story..

 Our ambition is to change the food game, however the biggest challenge so far was to be offered a seat at the table first! Launching a brand is all about the customers, having everybody feel included, not persuading them to buy, just making sure they will remember you and what you stand for as a product, brand or service.

Discover how to build a brand that feels familiar and reliable all over our globe, winning the hearts of not only the target customers but all stakeholders in the process.


In 2015, Gita Van den Boer launched Chalo: a high end clean label love brand in Funky Feel Good Food.

Gita graduated in 2014 as a Master in Communication Strategic Communication Studies after which she briefly continued her job at Guido, student marketing company. Her passion for people led her to work in the interim sector. In 2007 she joined consultancy company Brunel, where she grew from account manager to a director position in Belgium.

On her 30th, as an adoptee from India, Gita finally decided to return back her roots. For a month she worked as a volunteer at the institutions Missionaries of Charity, o.a. in the orphanage she resided herself when she was little. This journey led her to discover chai as an Indian tradition and story that had not yet been told.

Together with her business partner Peter Goethals, she is partner and CFO in Beanworks Seeds and Grains, an importing company of organic grains, seeds and superfoods. 

In 2017, Gita was nominated as most promising female entrepreneur by Artemis/Markant.  Her mantra is ‘”Life is what you make of it!”


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