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Catch up on inclusive communication - or keep chasing it 

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Every brand is always looking for opportunities to expand its reach. In a diverse society, that means you have to reach out and include people you've never thought of before. Inclusive communication is an approach that can help brands to broaden their target audience, without losing relevance. But what is inclusive communication? And why is it so important to catch up on it? Find out now. 


Hanan Challouki (28) is a creative entrepreneur and expert Inclusive Communication. For the past 5 years, she has developed communication strategies for brands and organizations that want to move forward in a diverse society. After working with clients like BNP Paribas, Brussels Airport, KRO-NCRV and Telenet, she was rewarded for her innovative thinking with a place in Forbes' 30under30, in the category of Media & Marketing. Right now, she's working on a book about inclusive communication, ready to convince brands that a diverse and inclusive future is the only one possible. 


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