Belgian Digital Champion | Head of Advertising - Universem & General Manager - SOCO

Harold Stinglhamber
Patrick Grooten


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How automation drives custom messages along the customer journey

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The customer journey in the car industry is long, with many digital touchpoints. How to customize the message to the right audience, or the right car to the right prospect? With full data signals from social media and Google, we developed dynamic acquisition and dynamic remarketing campaigns. The customized ads boosted conversions beyond expectations.


Harold Stinglhamber

Harold Stinglhamber is Head of Advertising at Universem. As a digital advertising passionate, he develops custom digital advertising strategies and is responsible for the development of the advertising team and expertise at Universem.

After graduating from the Louvain School of Management and working as Marketing Manager for a communication agency, he joined Universem in 2016. First as Digital Advertising Consultant, to become Head of Advertising later on.

Obsessed with all things tech-related, Harold always manages to unlock the full potential of digital campaigns.

Patrick Grooten

Patrick Grooten is General Manger at Soco (Auto Satellites). Before helping this Belgian (new and used) car retail network to grow, with a strong focus on digital, he worked in different sales and marketing roles in companies like Mobistar and Groupe Mestdagh.


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