Strategic advisor, keynote speaker and author

Al Hilou



Stop crying – the power of diversity

About Hassan

Strategic advisor, keynote speaker and author

Hassan Al Hilou is born in the Netherlands and work in Brussels as a strategic advisor, keynote speaker and author. Hassan is one of the sought-after leaders on radical diversity, inclusive innovation and society (public sector) transformation and the impact of it in different sectors. With his social organization, he helps build community projects led by local youth and developing the youngsters talent to a higher level. He is been nominated as the European Future Leader by the UK Foreign Office and the 40 Under 40 price in Belgium. 

He started on the age of 15 as the youngest entrepreneur of Belgium where he received recognition from the media, royalties and policy makers. He has spoken at Deloitte, Coca Cola Group, Johnson & Johnson, Bain & Company, Elia Group, Vlerick Business School, BESIX, AXA, ING, Nautadutilh, VOKA, VDAB, Unizo, Decathlon, European Council, Randstad, VBO, Familiehulp, VUB, WIL, Eurocontrol, Open Vld and more. 

He is also active in different boards where his added value is the fresh perspectives about innovation, strategic change and diversity.