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Crap. I didn't know this before I had children. Did you?

Learn more about #parentfriendly marketing.

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Did you go as a child to a trendy coffee bar with your parents? Or to a festival? I didn’t.
But in families today, it happens more often. Families are a huge but underestimated target group. Parents are also people. They have multiple identities. They aren’t just mommy’s and daddy’s. They have -besides children- also a job/passions/friends/interests and slash slash slash.. Parents today have needs that you as a marketeer didn’t think about. They aren’t anymore the cliché group you associate with diapers and potty training. Or not only that.
Are you planning to target families in the near future? Do you want to master their habits and needs? Watch, learn and listen!


My whole professional career takes place in media - I was a researcher, storyteller, maker and journalist at different television production companies. I worked hard, life was beautiful and full of opportunities. And then I had my two children. And my first quarter life crisis. Ha!

I switched to VRT. First at Ketnet, the children’s tv channel, where I learned how to entertain children and families, and how to manage a team. Then, I ended up at the marketing department of Eén where I discovered how to match my storytelling skills with marketing goals.
I had my second quarter (or was it already midlife?) crisis.

In 2016, I launched, a blog for busy parents with a choice overload and a sense of humor. Like me. Having children is a major game changer, even if you ignore it.

Our parents lifestyle community and e-mag is receiving today an average of 100K unique visitors per month. All parents with the same daily challenges. I wrote a book about it.  “#Parentfriendly Marketing” became  “Marketing Book of the Year 2019”.


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