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Why great B2B sales people don’t need to be afraid of the new B2B Marketeer 

About the presentation

The B2B sales métier is being disrupted. Being digitally well informed, professional buyers engage much later in a sales conversation. Digital native millennials have entered in B2B purchasing decision roles. Automated digital sales campaigns don’t need incentives nor company cars to perform. Jan will explain how Proximus tackled this transformation within Proximus B2B. A story beyond the marketing automation & tooling hype focusing on the change of mindsets & ways of working between “clans”.


Jan Paesen holds a Master Degree in Engineering & Commerce (University of Hasselt) and a Master in Business Administration (University of Wales). Next to his role as Director B2B Marketing & Digital at Proximus, he is guest lecturer B2B Marketing at UCLL (Leuven). As certified bier sommelier he founded , Belgium’s fastest growing data driven beer community platform.


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