Communications Designer - IBM iX Sustainability & Climate Leader



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How To Build A $1Billion Content Strategy

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In this fast paced session, learn how IBM’s lead communications designer creates one-page marketing strategies for some of the world’s largest companies. He will cover the art and science of commercial storytelling and give you practical tips and advice that you can use in your own organisation, no matter what size you are.


Jeremy leads IBMs Communications Thinking leadership program where we create compelling pitches and presentations for purpose-driven brands.  We help IBM partners to show how good humans and technology can work together to positively impact people, the planet and the bottom line with IBM technologies and services. He also leads our Communications Masterclass performance coaching program.

He is a storyteller, a design thinker and IBM ambassador who helps companies combat climate change and support the United Nations Sustainable Development. Jeremy is also a European leader for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. 
He has been voted the most influential person on twitter for #BigData and one of the world’s top 50 digital marketers in 2019.  Jeremy is the host of the award winning podcast Ten Words and currently writing his 5th book “
Tell Stories That Matter”.


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