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Trials & Tribulations of a CMO: Why the experience economy is key to success 


In today’s economy, we know that brands are shifting rapidly to use experiences as a means of differentiation to get ahead of the competition.

However, what are successful and growing companies focusing on within the CX paradigm?

What is at the forefront of a CX Leader’s mind?

Based on new CMO Research, this session will unravel 6 key trends that successful companies and CX leaders are facing today, and the future of an effective leader


Tom Bird, CX Strategy Leader, EMEA, Oracle

Tom Bird is CX Strategy Leader for Oracle in EMEA. He is an ex‐customer with experience as a board‐level and senior leader for Customer Experience in industries ranging from Automotive where he was Head of Digital & Online products at BCA Marketplace Plc, to the world of online beauty where he was Chief Customer Officer at rapid‐growth eCommerce business Beauty Bay. 

His passion and involvement in digital and transformational projects and products both client and agency‐side (Omnicom) over the last decade are matched only by his continuing thirst for knowledge, which at present is focused on the NeuroScience of successful leadership and management.


Jessica Heres, Sr Marketing Manager Oracle CX


Marketing is quickly transforming into one of the most technology-driven functions and therefore has become one of the most challenging and exciting functions at the same time.

However, if you want to build a modern marketing organization, teaching technical skills is not the only answer (although those skills certainly matter!). As important as data is, it is the customer-centric mindset that makes marketing modern.

As marketers, we must first embrace the fact that marketing in an era of the experience economy, is not simply a sum of all digital and classical disciplines. It’s a specific set of skills and knowledge on top of those specialty areas. It’s a set of principles and approaches that put customers at the center of all a brand does in the market.

As Sr. Marketing Manager, Jessica leads Oracle’s Marketing Programs for the CX SaaS business in the Benelux. She strongly believes that Customer-Obsessed Marketers enabled by the right technologies Create Ideal Customers. She has a solid track record in the IT world, blending many national and international roles on corporate, midsize business and agency level which includes strategy, creativity, technology, and management.

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