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How a Belgian SaaS platform is quickly becoming the global reference for interactive marketing

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Spott has been able to turn a growth mindset into a global growth story. Thanks to a go-to-market strategy that is centered around "the best way to sell is not to sell at all", Spott is currently working together with platforms that bring together innovators & early adopters. We have been able to identify these groups by working with the datapools on social media, by building out a solid affiliate network, as well as strong referral incentives creating a solid product lead growth. After having been voted Belgian scale up of the year in 2019, we are currently working hard on raising awareness at a global level towards our target audience. 


As an entrepreneur & an experienced business leader, I am driven by results and understand the importance of culture and team in getting to those results. I am a strong believer in the growth mindset & aim to inspire my team to focus on impact rather than concern.

Things I (love to) do:
- Build businesses by focussing on the right insight, the right team and the right go-to-market strategy
- Passionate about culture, personal growth & impact
- Building SaaS B2B engines , defining the acquisition strategy & building the blueprint for scale
- Sharing learnings in order to grow myself and others around me. Strong believer in behavioral economics & I focus on the context in order to drive behavior.

Co-Founder & CEO of Spott. Winner of the Rising Star by De
loitte Fast 50 & Belgian Scale Up of the Year. 

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