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Fighting Food Waste Together

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Food waste is not just a massive issue - it’s also a huge opportunity. It has become a habit for everyone to throw out good food and that’s why reducing food waste is about building a movement in order to change habits and offer solutions. Too Good To Go connects consumers with restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets and hotels nearby with surplus food at the end of the day. Through Too Good To Go this food can still end up on a plate, instead of the bin. But there's more than the app... Discover how Too Good To Go co-creates a food waste revolution.


Jonas is a social entrepreneur and co-founder of Too Good To Go Belgium, the app that connects users with delicious unsold food from a variety of shops and restaurants all over Europe.

(50M+ meals saved in Europe, named one of the most promising start-ups of 2018 in Belgium (Bloovi, 2018)). 
In Summer 2020, Jonas swapped the cozy Ghent for New York City in order to start a food waste revolution overseas... To be continued.


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