Product Marketing Director, UKI & EMEA - Salesforce Datorama & Head of Data Technology - The Online Company & Dig. Infrastructure & Performance Manager - Philips

Jonathan Beeston, Boudewijn van Ewijk
& Laurens Gunneweg


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Data is the key to growth marketing: Philips Best Practice


Jonathan Beeston

Jonathan Beeston is product marketing director at Salesforce Datorama for EMEA. He's spent 20 years in the digital marketing space, with a particular focus on data driven marketing in search, social and display advertising channels. His experience includes time at advertising agencies such as Mindshare and Croud, advising a wide array of clients, as well as sales and marketing roles at technology companies such as Efficient Frontier, Adobe, Integral Ad Science and now Salesforce.

Boudewijn van Ewijk

Boudewijn has an international background in digital marketing and sales on the advertiser’s and agency side of the digital eco-system. In the last 20 years, Boudewijn has successfully turned-around several organizations into digital leaders by transforming their marketing, data analytics and technology departments. With his hands-on client consulting role, Boudewijn develops tools and services to give brands greater insights and control to generate growth. Within Online Company / Candid Platform, Boudewijn heads up the department which is responsible for technology and data.


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