Belgian Digital Champion | Co-Founder - SOPRISM & Digital Marketing Manager - Leonidas

Jonathann Mingoia
Mathieu Folcque


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Leonidas: using Audience Intelligence to boost digital media KPI’s

About this presentation:

Building personas from intuition is a thing of the past, nowadays audience intelligence enables brands to better understand affinities and characteristics related to their target group. Such insights allow marketing teams to design content, setup ads, create editorial strategy and drive conversions. The “Preferred Belgian Chocolates” brand, Leonidas moved one step ahead in its digital acquisition strategy by integrating data informed personas. As outcomes, outperforming results! 


Mathieu Folcque

Mathieu is a genuine brand lover and a result driven digital marketeer. Over the last 7 years, he has gained experience in various sectors such as insurances, logistics and retail.

He always leads digital projects by combining data with a real desire to ongoingly outperform the status quo.

Jonathann Mingoia

Jonathann is a positive thinking person, happy father, entrepreneur and sport addict.

He is active in the audience intelligence area from 5 years as founding partner at SOPRISM. He shares his passion for digital marketing at UCL University and plays an advisor role to the BrandNewDay agency, a people-centric social media agency that he co-founded.


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