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Measuring what matters and what moves in the age of Covid-19

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The pandemic is far from over and as we look into the next year or so businesses need to stay flexible and able to adapt as quickly as possible. For the most part, people have not changed, their circumstances have, and people adapt to those new circumstances.

BrandZ shows that brands can still find growth at times of disruption provided that they can tap into what is important in the new circumstances and identify those immediate growth opportunities while mitigate potential threats. That means keeping track of what is happening to the brand, the category and the consumer. 

Join our session with Kantar’s Global Head of Data Science Innovations, Jorge Alagon, to find out what important questions marketers need to answer in order to successfully guide their brands through the pandemic. Jorge will be talking about:

  • Measuring what matters - what makes a brand strong, healthy and valuable
  • Identifying and measuring those signals that give short movements but impact the brand in the mid-longer term​


I've been in market research for more than 25 years (18 in Kantar) and currently pioneer innovations and new developments in the fields of Analytics, AI and Data Science as Global Head of Data Science Innovations based in Munich, Germany.

Previously I was Global Head of Innovations of Kantar Millward Brown from Warwick UK, where my team developed and launched the Meaningfully Different Framework to measure brand equity. 

Mexican by birth but global citizen by decision. Fifty years old, one boy and a girl, two ferrets, one dog and two cats. Studied Applied Maths for first degree (ITAM) and a Master in Applied Stats (Oxford); and I almost finished a second degree in Philosophy (UNAM).

When time permits, I lecture at various Latin-American universities, like the MBA at ITAM (Mexico City) and the Master of Consumer
Behaviour at UAI (Santiago de Chile). And try to Kindle-read as many science and marketing books as possible.

Biggest achievements include a month long retreat at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, waking up without being abducted by aliens after camping in front of
Moái (Easter Island stone heads) and having drunk single malt straight from a cask wearing a kilt –no pants.


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