Joris De Doncker

Make it until they fake it!

Why all this hype about freak’n billboards?

Clear Channel
Revenue & Product Director
7 December
Stage "M"


During this presentation we’ll explore the dynamic world of (digital) out-of-home advertising - (D)OOH. We'll show you how (D)OOH is taking the marketing world by storm, even giving birth to Fake-OOH (FOOH).

Discover how changing consumer behavior is at the heart of this shift and how the industry is seizing the opportunity with various initiatives.

We’ll wrap up by discussing the biggest challenges that lie ahead and provide strategies to tackle them effectively. We can't wait to have you join us on this journey.



Joris De Doncker is the Revenue & Product Director of Clear Channel Belgium, a leading player on the outdoor advertising market. Prior to joining Clear Channel, Joris held several sales, training and management positions at Lyreco Benelux, market leader in office supplies. In 2015, Joris joined Clear Channel Belgium as Business Unit Manager of the direct sales division where he was later promoted to Head of Field Sales. In his current role as Revenue & Product Director, Joris is responsible for Revenue Management, Campaign Planning, Product Management, Marketing, Research & Insights, BI and all commercial Business Applications. This function combines his passions for people management, sales, marketing, strategy and tech. Joris is 39 years old and lives in Limburg (Belgium) together with his wife and 9-year-old daughter.