Manager Digital Sales & Head of Revenue and Process Management @ Clear Channel Belgium

Julie Andrade
Guy Francx



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Taking a smart data approach to revolutionize Out of Home Advertising


Today, different data sources are available and being used to better identify and understand the habits and behaviors of nearby audiences. Incorporating smart data and technology into (digital) billboards makes advertising more effective and memorable. By adding a layer of context, messages become dynamic and relevant to the audience.

At a time when knowledge is power, using almost endless available data in a smart way is challenging, during every step of the campaign, from effective planning to reporting and impact measurement. And the creative side is certainly not being left behind. Cases of creative innovative campaigns powered by data are increasing. Combining creativity with data-driven insights can drive engagement through personalization and relevance and are leading the resurgence of Out of Home Advertising!


Guy Francx is the Head of Revenue and Process Management at Clear Channel Belgium. Over the past decade, he has held various Revenue Management and Product positions in the media industry, both in on-line and off-line environments. In his current role, Guy is responsible for connecting different functional teams through product, revenue and technology management. His primary focus is identifying advertising and revenue opportunities through portfolio development, inventory management and supporting technologies. Guy holds a degree in Aplied Economics from KULeuven and an MBA from Vlerick Business School.


Julie Andrade is Manager Digital Sales at Clear Channel Belgium and acts as a Digital Out of Home ambassador.

She’s been with Clear Channel over the last 4 years and previously held the role of Strategic Sales Account Manager.  Prior to Clear Channel she had the chance to build her knowledge of digital marketing during 7 years within different media companies such as Microsoft, Pebble Media and De Persgroep.

Julie holds a degree in Marketing Communication from Erasmus Hogeschool Brussel and a Bachelor after Bachelor in Advanced Business Management –Marketing en communication from Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven.


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