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About this speaker

Pieter Daelman will introduce this guest speaker tackling the building blocks Holistic & Collaboration of the Meaningful Marketing Framework.

The Meaningful Marketing Framework has been developed by BAM as a holistic manifesto and a prototype for companies to evaluate themselves. These tools should allow organisations to look at their current positioning and, with the marketer as a guide, to map out a route based on the values and trends of tomorrow. Click here for more info. 

  • Holistic: A broad view on the organisation and its ecosystem expanding its vision further than its own departments
  • Collaboration: Facilitation of open-minded thinking and co-creation


6 virtues of an organisation irresistible for customers.  


Some companies are able to consistently design and deliver offerings that seems to be irresistible to their customers. In this presentation Jürgen will show what the 6 Key virtues are your organisation needs to have to become irresistible. 


As design strategist at Studio Dott, Jürgen helps organisations innovate their customer offering through design in order to build a sustainable, connected, human future.


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