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Alex Thoré will introduce this guest speaker tackling how meaningful marketing can be applied in the Services Sector.


Why does the Bank wants to be in the pocket of the customers?


We have hundreds of apps on our phone… but how many do we really use?   There is a race going on to be in the top 5 used apps by consumers.  As brand builders we are surely interested in that direct 1-1 relation as part of the consumer experience.  But what are the exact benefits to be one of the top used apps?  How is this meaningful for the consumer?  And how to become one of those top used apps?  These questions drove us to one of the references: KBC… To whom we asked the specific question: “why does the bank wants to be in the pocket of the customers?”


Karin Van Hoecke is General Manager of Digital Transformation for KBC Belgium.  Isn’t this the hottest role one can currently have?  Everybody has digital transformation on the agenda today, and Karin is one of the leading ladies with the relevant experience in the domain.

With 20 years of experience in various domains within KBC as integrated bank-insurance group, Karin gained valuable knowledge, a large network and a passion for banking with digital transformation expertise.      Over the first decade of her career, Karin learned the business via Brand Management, Head of Operations and Head of Business Unit roles.  Over the second decade, Karin became leading in digital transformation through experience as Senior Advisor Group Strategy, Strategy & Support Direct Channels, Head of Omnichannel and Customer Experience, Chief Consistency and General Manager Mass Retail & Mobile First.

In her current role, Karin has been leading the Digitalisation 2.0, Be Everywhere and All-In-One App work covering end-to-end digital consumer usage, automated human interaction with artificial intelligence and integrated digital services

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