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Meaninfgul Stage Purpose & Value

About this speaker

    Herman Toch will introduce this guest speaker tackling Purpose & Shared Value from the Meaningful Marketing Framework.

    The Meaningful Marketing Framework has been developed by BAM as a holistic manifesto and a prototype for companies to evaluate themselves. These tools should allow organisations to look at their current positioning and, with the marketer as a guide, to map out a route based on the values and trends of tomorrow. Click here for more info.

    • Purpose: the "higher" purpose of the organisation and its role in society at large
    • Shared value: creating value for the customer, the brand and society at large



    Kris Michiels is Marketing Director @ Unilever.

    The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

    “I’m getting energized by re-imagining the possibilities and building a better community around me. I believe in learn-share-care”. Purpose driven, visionary founder with a “just do it” mentality.

    My discovery at Unilever started more than 12 years ago, when I joined the channel marketing team to launch the Ben&Jerry’s brand in Out Of Home. It’s the start of a purposeful journey through different sales and marketing departments. I’ve worked on brands such as Dove, Rexona, Axe and launched new brands and platforms. Lately, I enjoy myself with everything that’s delicious and tasty, heading the ice cream and beverages division in Belgium. Lipton, Yula, Pukka, B-Better, Ola, Magnum allow me to use business for good.

    Transformation, digital data driven marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship run like a thread through my career. As from this year, I can call myself the happy founder of B-Better, a water brand that wants to change the world.


    B-Better... a water brand that wants to change the world... with a drop of water.

    Even large companies as Unilever want to change the world. Let's listen how they do this.

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