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How Superman can’t save the world … but we might …
A masterclass in making an impact for your business and our society!

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Having a strong business purpose and shared values delivers more growth for your business. Full stop. Creating impact starts with a clear “why” and a strong purpose. There are universal learnings and must-do’s to maximize the effect. But the power lies in the real actions you take to make a difference. That action requires the creation of a movement, bringing together everyone who “believes”. There is a one-size-fits-all secret formula for change and marketing in a changing world. 


Having started his career in a digital startup, Kris has always had an interest in novelty and entrepreneurship. Since his move to Unilever, now more than 13 years ago, “Building the new” has been his purpose and guiding principle throughout. He is – willingly so – brainwashed by Unilever’s Sustainable Living plan and believes that companies are part of an eco-system that – together – should work towards a new, better world for all. Purposeful brands and companies can have a real impact! The last years he’s the marketing&business director of Unilever’s biggest unit in Belgium. In that role, he had the opportunity to develop his own local “brand with impact”.


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