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Creating the best shopper experience using Carrefour inventory and data assets


At Carrefour, our first focus will always be our clients and our capacity to provide them with an exceptional shopping experience. We strongly believe that it is by developing strong links with our partners that we will succeed in achieving our goal of premium experience for the shoppers.

 By leveraging our customer knowledge, our exclusive inventory and technology we want to offer brands the opportunity to reinvent their marketing by offering to our customer a high value, personalized communication across channels.

We support them in understanding better their clients and their growth opportunities, in identifying the write message, the right channel and the right  audience for their campaigns and in being able to measure the real performance of their initiatives by providing them with a ROI on offline sales. We want to create a long term relationship with the brands to build a common vision based on data and technology for the benefit of the shoppers.


Laurent joined the Carrefour Group 21 years ago and held successive positions as project manager in the Organisation and Systems teams, hypermarket manager and CRM and Loyalty Manager before creating the Group's first Media Management unit in Belgium.
He is in charge in Belgium of the Media Management, Merchant Services, Data Monetization and Sponsoring for Carrefour.
Since September 1, he joined the Carrefour Group management team where he's in charge of developing the strategy for the development of media management activities in the Group's various countries as well as creating a data enhancement offer based on a state-of-the-art technological framework.
The Group's media management team will support Carrefour's multi-channel marketing offer to brands to initiate ambitious, innovative and international partnerships.


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