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How brands can use social data to identify meaningful trends: a case study looking at sustainability


Never before has popular opinion on social media mattered more. With an ever-growing number of consumers sharing their views and seeking recommendations online, brands have to listen and learn from consumers to stay on top of trends affecting their business. However, noise on social media is also ever-growing, and doing something to help your brand stand out is vital. To draw attention to your brand, you must understand what really matters to your consumers.

Lena will talk about her experience in identifying and analysing social media mega-trends that matter most to consumers on social. Particularly focusing on the topic of sustainability, she will shed light on business strategy and consumer opinion within different markets and demographic groups. This presentation will give brands a direct line into how consumers think, how companies are shaping popular opinion, and how to future-proof products and advertising to align with long-term consumer trends.


Lena Höck is a Senior Research Analyst at Brandwatch, where she specialises in longer-term, deep analysis research projects. She enjoys developing innovative ways to analyse and visualise data and to guide clients’ business decisions. She works across multiple industries and advises companies on marketing strategies, product development, customer relations and anything in between.

Before joining Brandwatch, Lena worked as a research economist at Australia’s central bank and taught at three Australian universities. She also worked as a sales representative for a Dutch education startup and founded her own business, an escape room in Sydney, which is still flourishing

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