Be Entrepreneurial on Marketing | MD - The House of Marketing | Growth Marketing Director - Upthrust | Product Manager - Luminus

Lies Taerwe, Stijn Sommerijns
& Marnix Van Vreckem


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Integrated Data Marketing: Revolutionizing VP validation with experimentation

About the presentation

Integrated Data Marketing is the new revolution in Marketing brought by The House of Marketing. The concept is based on in-marketing experimentation, on which ThoM’s spin-off Upthrust has gained market leadership in the Belgian market in the past 2 years. Showing breakthrough results as a methodology in the go to market scene, The House of Marketing has successfully been translating the concept into the other marketing domains as persona building and product validation. Together with their client Luminus they will bring a success-case of Integrated Data Marketing in the validation scene. 


Stijn Sommerijns

"From rocking in the music industry to becoming Growth Marketing Director, challenging himself and the status quo is what drives Stijn. In a relentless quest to change the mindset and create the appetite for fast data-driven experimentation, he advises corporates and large SME how to implement impactful strategies and tactics that lead to sustainable growth"

Marnix Van Vreckem

Expert in the energy market economics with a thorough knowledge of the pricing strategy for commodity and new services. The last 4 years, I focused on the economic analysis and implementation of new online business models that helps energy player bridging the gap from an energy supplier to an energy partner. Seeing the growing importance of energy management and online business models, I’m continuously broadening my knowledge in these domains.

Lies Taerwe

As Managing Director of The House of Marketing, thrilling on marketing & people. Being educated as a classical marketer at Procter & Gamble, today a driving force in innovating marketing in Belgium and beyond.
Joining forces with its spin off Upthrust The House of Marketing is revolutionizing marketing on among others the fields of go to market and validation.


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