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ZEBRAS : blending profit and purpose

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15,000 B Corps and Benefit Corporations in 71 countries are reinventing business and the economy towards a regenerative future.  What can any business learn and apply from these vanguard companies ?  


Marcello Palazzi, MSc, MBA, is an economist and serial entrepreneur for human progress.  He is currently Global Ambassador for the B Corp Movement, which he co-founded in Europe in 2015; Global Ambassador and co-founder of NOW Partners, the accelerator for the regenerative economy; co-founder, Regenerative Alliance, a Swiss-based network of regenerative leaders; President of his foundation, Progressio, which he co-founded in 1989 and which has delivered some 300 civic / economic projects since.  Marcello loves dabbling in academia, has written “Towards the civic economy” in 1990, which has remained his ‘mantra' and has been a Fellow at Harvard (’13), MIT (’14) and Stanford (’15).  He has lived in London for 18 years and Amsterdam for the last 20 years, when not somewhere else in the world.


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