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Meaninfgul Stage Purpose & Value

About this speaker

Herman Toch will introduce this guest speaker tackling Purpose & Shared Value from the Meaningful Marketing Framework.

The Meaningful Marketing Framework has been developed by BAM as a holistic manifesto and a prototype for companies to evaluate themselves. These tools should allow organisations to look at their current positioning and, with the marketer as a guide, to map out a route based on the values and trends of tomorrow. Click here for more info.

  • Purpose: the "higher" purpose of the organisation and its role in society at large
  • Shared value: creating value for the customer, the brand and society at large


Merijn Everaarts is founder of Dopper.

Mr. Dopper himself, the man behind the ocean-saving bottle, the entrepreneur. Merijn not only has a special story, he can also tell very well. About how the clash between his green upbringing and his work in the events business caused the birth of Dopper. How to make a commercial success of a social enterprise. How everything revolves around breaking habits and how with Dopper he can bring about global change. He's a speaker, but also a catalyst. He is a driver of change, innovation and new ideas. When he's heard him speak, you're determined to turn your thinking into action.


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