Mieke Geertrui De Ketelaere

AI – The good, the bad & the ugly

Director AI, Professor, Author
8 December
Plenary stage


AI applications are regularly being developed in marketing contexts, but the exciting world of opportunities and possibilities includes other issues: privacy, ethics, energy consumption and liability. The discrepancy between what the developers create, what the customer buys, and what the government wants has increased the complexity in these uncertain times. In this session we will split the current issues in the good, the bad and the ugly. Purpose of the session is to embrace the inspiring technology while looking beyond the current marketing hype.


Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere is Adjunct Professor at Vlerick Business School. She holds a master degree in civil and industrial engineering and specialised in robotics and artificial intelligence during her studies. Over the last 28 years, she has worked for several multinationals on all aspects of data and analytics, mainly in marketing context. In her public presentations and recent book, Mieke puts the focus on the demystification of the hype around AI in order to decrease uncertainties around the topic. In 2022, she was runner up in the “IT Personality of the Year” award in Belgium.

Mieke De Ketelaere


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